​​'My son thoroughly enjoys every day he spends at Giggles, since starting last year his communication has come on incredibly. I couldn't ask any more from the staff and would highly recommend to anyone looking to put their child in a nursery.'

                                           Jessica B

 ​​A wonderful setting for children to learn and grow. The children all seem to love the staff.
Having to juggle work and childcare can be hard, however the flexibility of the management team here makes what could be a stressful situation very easy.

Would definitely recommend Giggles Galore!

                                           Jayne S

'I would like to thank the Manager and her staff members for all the hard work they do. Firstly I would like to comment on a professional level. During my work I come into contact with Nurseries on a regular basis and I have never been as impressed as I am with Giggles Nursery for the following reasons: 1) Communication of all staff is excellent 2 ) Staff are always thinking how they can improve the Nursery to aid the children with stimulation and development. 3) Staff listen and support parents with any issues they may have in respect of their child/ren and advise accordingly. 4) If a parent has a concern the Manager will listen and put a plan of action in place that is agreeable with the parents to ensure the best outcome for the children and reassure the parent. 5) will support parents with all areas of development of the child/ren and will undertake this in the nursery so it mirrors what is put in place at home and the child/ren are not given mixed messages. 6) The Manager ensures all the children’s safety is paramount at all times. 7) The Manager always ensures she has the correct ratio of staff to children. On a personal note I would like to say many many thanks to the Manager and her team for all they have done for my daughter and grandchildren. I think you are all doing wonderful job and thank you from the bottom of my heart.'

                                                     Linda W

 ​​'What a lovely team !!! You know they   are doing it right when all the children that they know run up to them and cuddle them when they see them and love to be around them.  Thanku for all you do'.

                                           Laura S

'I just wanted to say I love Giggles Galore.  I don't know what I would do without them.  As well as the children's set hours they are always happy to accommodate one off sessions.'

                                           Claire T

'What a nursery Giggles Galore is! my two year old loves going I was a bit nervous at first as he goes 4 days a week but he never gets upset just pure excitement as soon as he sees the building, he runs in dying to get playing with his friends and the lovely staff, they have done so much for him from learning colours, numbers and alphabet to potty training! Highly recommend to anyone and everyone! such a lovely friendly place one very happy mummy on such a wonderful place with amazing people :)' 

                                                      Leah P 

'Just wanted to congratulate you and all the staff... what a wonderful environment you have given the children with such warm and happy vibes throughout... it's amazing... Sky has made herself at home, I have 100% trust, love and care from you all.' 

                                  Lisa B 

'Thanks so much for this week, Connor has had an amazing week and has really enjoyed himself. I don't suppose Megan and Grace can come for a couple of hours tomorrow? They are nagging me and I said I would ask.

                                  Helen K

                Customer feedback

' ​​I cannot recommend Giggles Galore enough!. My Daughter has recently started there and she loves it. Staff are fab and the place has such a friendly relaxed atmosphere. Highly recommend to anyone. Thank you..'


 ​​'Superb nursery! The manager is great as are all the staff. Our child thoroughly enjoys her time. Everybody goes above and beyond to keep us informed about the days there. They work closely with parents to ensure your child's routine etc is kept. Very highly recommend to anyone.'


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'I am so pleased this nursery has opened in our area. All of the staff give so much individual attention to each child and take time to learn their likes and dislikes. The nursery set up is excellent, and my daughter is always so excited to go to nursery. My son, who is school age also loves to go to, and as they provide an excellent before and after school club with school pick up, it's very handy. The nursery has very close links with the local schools which helps ease the transition from nursery to school. I am very happy with this nursery and would happily recommend it.'

                                                     Sarah E

'I have a happy, bright little boy who is always excited to be at nursery, that can only be put down to the care and attention he receives whilst there. Learning is made fun and the children are encouraged to grow and progress at there own rate. The general atmosphere is positive and happy, I always feel able to talk to the staff and know they truly will go the extra mile to accommodate any parent requests
In short a fabulous nursery with staff who put the children's needs first and treat each and every one of them as the individuals they are. I trust them implicitly and have total confidence that my child is safe and cared whilst at Giggles Galore, what more can a parent ask.

                                          Clare F 

 ​​'Giggles Galore is great for me and my little girl, through each stage of my little girl growing up and now going to school. I feel she has always been their top priority. They are very flexible and accommodating if I need help with day to day situations if I'm running late they have always been excellent!'

                                           Jennifer A

'To say that this nursery goes the extra mile is an understatement. I honestly do not know how to thank Giggles enough, they have made my return to work following maternity much easier, knowing my children are left in a loving and safe environment. Both of my children receive truly wonderful care from the Manager and her staff. I have a toddler and a school age child. Giggles often do the school run to the local school for me, and their extended opening times have been a real bonus. If you want a nursery that gives individual care to your child in a safe and happy environment then look no further than Giggles Galore; they have got it just right!'

                                                     Katie B